Cryogenic Oxygen Nitrogen Plants  
N2-o2 Plant Suppliers India
Cryogenic Oxygen - Nitrogen Plants(LOW PRESSURE Technology )
Air Separation Oxygen - Nitrogen Plants- CE Certified.

Universal is a certified ISO & CE organization and the latest achievement includes the successful approval for CE certification which makes our company the first in Asia to be certified for Cryogenic PLANTS Pressure vessel and equipments exports to Europe and USA. Among our vast range of Products the details for the small & medium & “Tonnage series” of plants are given below. Turbo plants has no capacity limitations or restrictions like Medium & High pressure plants due to unique features incorporating low pressure components.
  • Capacities: Plants are available from 50m3/hrupto 50,00m3/hr Oxygen or nitrogen gas.
  • TONNAGE oxygen nitrogen plants from 10 tpd to 200 tpd.
  • Cylinder filling: Oxygen-nitrogen gas can be filled in the cylinders as per the cylinder filling chart given below.
  • Purity: Oxygen gas of 99.6% purity can be produced and *pure nitrogen of 99.99% upto 3ppm is produced simultaneously without any loss of the oxygen production.
    **voltage and frequency as per the country of installation.

Main Performance of the plant

Low operating pressure of 7 bar using turbo expander ensures minimum energy.

UBT MODELS Oxygen purity 99.6% at 150-160 Bar(2200PSIG) for Oxygen cylinder filling UPTO 200 BAR.
High purity Nitrogen 99.99%(ppm optional) or cylinder filling. 
UBTLN MODELS Liquid Nitrogen Production From 50 Liters Per Hour To 5000 liters Per Hour Depend On Model.
UBTL MODELS Liquid Oxygen Production From 50 Liters Per Hour To 5000 liters Per Hour Depend On Model.

Main Parts Option 1-ubt-ubtl

1. Rotary Air Compressor
Liquid Oxygen Nitrogen Gas PlantsWe are leading manufacturer importer & exporter of rotary air compressor, which can be include base screw support mounts, oil lube reciprocation air compressor, vacuum pump, anti vibration pads, air lube rotary screw air, finger valve assembly, compressor etc. The air is for higher pressure and then delivered to final target. The highly skillful inter cooler accommodate maximum heat extravagance between arrange, resulting in more air per horse power and less difficulty from carbonization.

2. Precooling Unit
Oxygen Nitrogen Gas Plants ManufacturersWe provide pre-cooling unit components which can provide a new life and new cool in air conditioner systems. This products have made by specially engineered solutions seamlessly attach our energy dexterous air conditioner systems. This system provide us best cooling & filter the air before it enters your unit—increasing your comfort and energy savings, of our existing investment.

3. Purifying Unit
N2-o2 Plant Suppliers IndiaWe constructed & exporter of purifying unit which owns and operates each gas purification technology. We have developed and commercialized the most advanced gas purifying separation membranes available to industry. If we see leave of gas purifying systems the movable type water purifying unit/system is using this special activated carbon as main clarification materials which can be best purification for water.

4. Turbine Expander
Turbine ExpanderWe offer turbine expander equipments which is level of the development of the inter convertible accelerate underwater generator cryogenic turbine expander and now the exducer turbine are both prime examples of our devolution to offering the safest, most reliable products with proved show for the molten gas industry.

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