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Nitrogen Gas Factory IndiaThe Boschi Italy UBT series Oxygen nitrogen plants for process industries & cylinder filling:

Nitrogen Gas Plants SupplierUNIVERSAL BOSCHI acetylene plants are based on the most modern and versatile designs.

Nitrogen Plant ManufacturersUniversal Boschi Introduces Stand
- ardized Packaged Air Separation Units with Argon for typical

Nitrogen Plants, Nitrogen Gas Factory IndiaThe UBTL series air separation plant recovers oxygen and nitrogen from air simultaneously via


Liquid Nitrogen PlantsThe UBTL series air separation plant recovers oxygen and nitrogen from air simultaneously via

Oxygen Gas PlantsThe air separates into oxygen & liquid nitrogen in the air separation column with final product being

Oxygen Generator (High  Purity)We are manufacturers and suppliers of oxygen gas generators. Our oxygen Generator

Cryogenic Oxygen - Nitrogen PlantsUniversal is a certified ISO & CE organization and the latest achievement includes the


Universal Industrial Plants . has started the company with technical collaboration and designs and drawings from Dr. Boschi of Italy in 1985 at our factory is the state of the art up in india at NEW DELHI INDIA as per international standards by a qualified team of experienced engineers in the field of oxygen gas manufacturing plants, oxygen nitrogen plantsand air separation plants. Our company is the leading manufacturers, supplier, exporters and dealers of oxygen plants, oxygen gas plants, liquid oxygen plants, liquid nitrogen plants, air separation plants, unit and machinery in india at competitive price .

Our technical and production team engineers Trained under Dr. Boschi of Italy , under their technical guidance and training we started manufacturing of Oxygen Gas Plant, Oxygen Production Plants, Oxygen Nitrogen Gas Plants, etc at our factory in New Delhi in 1985 and air separation plants and units in Genova, Italy.

Our air separation cryogenic type Oxygen plant is known all over the world for efficiency and long life .We have best factory and the best technical team in India. Our factory is spread over 100,000 sq. ft . and is the oldest and most reliable company in india. We manufacture oxygen gas and liquid plants with various options & capacity ranging from 30 m3 /hr to 800 m3 /hr. Tonnage air separation plants from 20tpd to 200tpsd are designed and manufactured as per customer site conditions.

We have supplied oxygen plants, nitrogen plants for gas and liquid oxygen lox,ling ox and gan supply in over 40 countries include Kazakhastan, Jordan, Libya, Qatar, Mauritius, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Congo, Ghanna, Zambia, South Africa, West Africa, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Dubai, Kuwait, Venezuala, Peru, Indonesia, Brazil and many others
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