Nitrogen Plant

We are leaders in manufacturing and exporting world-class nitrogen plants with the best modern cryogenic distillation technology. Designing of the plants is ensured to meet the best standards to impart reliability, durability and efficient performance. The best quality materials and components are used in the fabricating in compliance with the best manufacturing practices. We offer liquid nitrogen plants, psa nitrogen gas plant, nitrogen plant manufacturers, liquid nitrogen production plant, nitrogen gas generator, and liquid nitrogen filling plant in different sizes and capacities ranging from 20m3/hour to 1000m3/hour at the best prices in the market. For compliance with the best quality control practices, we have been awarded with ISO 9001:2015 and CE certifications.

Our Vision

We aim to manufacture high quality nitrogen plants for our customers from over 50 countries. Our objective is to build plants that last a long time and generate high purity nitrogen requiring least maintenance and incurring least operation costs.


We place a great deal of importance on delivering nitrogen plants that are constructed with the best quality materials and the latest technology. Modern designing principles are used in the construction of our nitrogen generating machinery, which is CE certified.


We manufacture nitrogen plants with the latest advanced cryogenic distillation technology that involves liquefaction and distillation of atmospheric air to generate nitrogen gas for industrial and medical applications. The technology enables our machinery to generate high purity gas.